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Post-Secondary Institution (PSI) Selections for Graduates


Students are reminded to make their PSI selections in the StudentTranscripts Service (STS). Students wishing to send May interim marks to one of six B.C. PSIs, University of Alberta or University of Calgary must place orders by April 23rd. Also, 22 B.C. PSIs and the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) can now receive interim marks and transcript updates electronically throughout the year (when authorized by the student).


The Student Transcript Service (STS)

Students can get their transcript from their school or online using the StudentTranscripts Service (STS) at Students can also view their Unofficial Transcript of Grades and can send transcripts directly to post-secondary institutions using STS.


How can students send their official transcripts to Post-Secondary Institutions (PSIs)?

Current students can pre-order interim or final grades to be sent to PSIs directly from the Ministry of Education. They may also be able to authorize select PSIs to retrieve ongoing transcript updates.


How and when the transcript information is sent will depend on the PSI and option selected by the student (see Help Videos for more details). Interim pre-orders for eligible PSIs must be placed by April 23 and final transcript pre-orders should be placed by July 10.  Students may make up to 25 PSI selections free of charge within six months of completing their last course. After six months, all STS users are charged $10 per transcript.


How do students get their own copy of a final, official transcript?

The Ministry of Education no longer automatically mails a student’s final transcript to them after graduation. Students must first confirm their current address by placing an order through the STS website and choosing the “Send a Printed Transcript by mail” option. The $10 fee is waived for the first printed transcript order placed within six months after the student has completed their last course.


Schools are still responsible for signing and distributing original graduation certificates to students. Students can also order replacement certificates through STS for a $10 fee.


More information on the StudentTranscripts Service

Three how-to videos provide detailed walk-throughs of service registration and ordering options:

  • Registering for a BCeID and Accessing the StudentTranscripts Service
  • How to order and send a transcript to a Post-Secondary Institution
  • How to send a transcript to an employer, yourself or anyone.


For a detailed resource, please also see the STS Help Manual.